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"We know that in order to increase your Life Business, we need to grow your business overall!"

Michael Gottdank, Principal at Equitas Brokerage Group

Online Presence


Online Presence

Online Presence

Agency Branding

Agency Branding

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

At Equitas we strategically develop Life Business for Non-Conventional Markets Including P&C Brokers, Accounting Firms, and Registered Investment AdvisorsWe do this by combining our insurance knowledge and access to leading carriers with a marketing and technology acumen not found in the insurance industry. Having a marketing and technology background we are able to offer our Brokers not only Great Carrier access, on-site Case Management and Underwriters, but also an array of Marketing and Email Blast campaigns with analytics and Community Driven Social Media / Location-Centric Services that drive business...

All your business!  

Field Support

Concierge level support that enables you to grow your Life Business while still focusing on your P&C or Accounting core. The idea is to offer more services to your clients, increasing satisfaction and retention. We are here for you and your clients 7 days a week. 

Case Management

Supervision of all case activity with in-house underwriting ensures that your case is expedited with white glove treatment from case design to quote to delivery. We are not just throwing darts at a board, Job #1 is making you and your agency look great! 


We use state of the art technology that allows us and you to do everything via your desktop, including on-line Quote Forms, Electronic Signatures for Applications, Requirements, and Delivery. This means once you have submitted an application we do the rest via e-signature.   

Life-Support Platform 

Life-Support enables you to hand off a clients Life Insurance needs in a simple one page application - where we take over quoting and point of sale like an In-House Life Dept. The client is yours - you are Broker of record, we just do the selling, application and delivery for you. Same Comp basis - We do the work, you get paid.  


The webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform provides P&C Agencies with a fully scaleable solution which supports and grows all aspects of their business by providing In-House Web-Design & Hosting, SEO, Management of  Website to top of local searches, Email Blast Services & Data-Mining, Social Media Marketing & Community Driven Lead Generation, Blog Posts, and More. 


Customizable Marketing Material

Our revolving library of fully customizable Marketing collateral and an array of videos that you can push out to your clients every time you correspond as part of a Drip Marketing Campaign that enables you to passively increase exposure and activity. We provide you with not only Life content but P&C content as well, we understand that growing your Life Business means growing your Business overall.    

The webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform™ 

We grow your agency thru Marketing, Web Services, SEO and Real Social Media Interaction

We help Brokers develop their online presence as well as increased broker tools and applications “Making Life Happen” for P&C Brokers and others whose core competence is not Life Insurance. This enables them to broaden their core offering, Equitas is able to not only add a new revenue stream for our brokers but also increase client retentionEquitas is a new kind of BGA utilizing Marketing, Technology, and great Life Markets.

We don't just ask for your Life Business - We create it!